About Me

Contessa Roberts is a German-American photographic artist and freelance art historian with a Ph.D. in Art History.

She takes her first photographic steps with a Kodak Pocket Instamatic during a trip through the USA. At the age of fifteen she switches to single lens reflex cameras. Her photographic mentor, a cinematographer and photographer working for the Hessian Broadcasting Corporation in Germany, coaches her in analogue photographic techniques and composition. She focuses on landscapes, portraits and black-and-white photography with first references to structural approaches.

In the following years landscape photography continues to be one of the main subjects during various journeys, although it is not a pure representation or documentation of what is actually seen here, but rather a development of characteristic features or moods.

During her studies of art history, classical archeology and ethnology she takes part in the group exhibitions UniArt at the University of Heidelberg in 1989 and 1990.
After graduation she works as a freelance art historian, using photographic documentation as part of her work as a cultural services provider and continues fine art photography as a secondary occupation.

From 2012 onwards, she develops an increasingly abstract and structural photographic Oeuvre. The transformation of the depicted, which is achieved by selecting unusual viewpoints or details, is an essential element of many works. An inner dialogue between the artist and the subject takes place within this process. The starting point is dissected and reinterpreted or receives a completely different identity.

The subjects range from architecture, landscapes and natural phenomena to the everyday environment.

The interaction of titles and subjects is a crucial part of the overall composition, in which intense discussions of literary, cinematic or musical stimuli play an essential role.

In 2015 she presents a selection of her work in a double exhibition with the painter Nadja El-Hagge at the Stadtgalerie Bad Soden; an inspiring cooperation, which is continued in a further joint exhibition at the TaunusTower in Eschborn in 2016.

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